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Thread: Larger Game World

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    Larger Game World

    I think that the player world could benefit by being increased. I am not a programmer, I assume this is limited as a way to reduce the demand made by the physics engine, or maybe it was just chosen for other reasons.

    As you know many modders increase the size of objects like cards or w/e to around {2,1,2}.. this allows users to physcially move the camera close and still be able to read the text. Many people do this despite the "Z" button or the "alt" pop ups. People just like moving the camera with "w,s,a,d". When you increase the size of the componants it makes them readable sitting on the table with out the needs to popup and stuff unless you want to. It also means that by default the popup will be larger and full screen (though I know you can zoom on the popup with mouse wheel)

    Anyway, a side effect of this "fix" is that often the mods with the game board and everything is slightly to large for the world space. When you drag an object it kinda "jumps" as it hits the walls and pop up super high. You can kinda get around it by moving the camera, either close or really far away.


    Anyway, I thought maybe a super easy fix for this (assuming it is the problem) would be to just increase the entire world space or better yet, allow the modder to set the world space sphere thing size themselves.
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    I think it should be fairly straightforward to increase the physical space in a room, but wow, that is a specific problem. I did not know anybody made giant mods and didn't use the wasd instead of alt or M.

    That said, it does seem like it's a bug and it is worth fixing

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    really? Everyone I know dose. In fact the most common thing I get asked is to remake other people mods at a larger scale so people can see the objects better.

    This is mainly as a lot of people do not use the hidden asset trick on boards. So much of the content can not be "zoomed"... like you can use the "z" button to zoom in, but the boards are not readable as the image is to low res. The fix is larger game boards, meaning larger cards etc snowballs.

    But yeah it seems like such an easy fix... so unless there is a problem it will cause IMO it should just be done.. probably just an option to scale it or just double its size and be done with it.
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