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Thread: Original Tuscany Expansions

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    Original Tuscany Expansions

    Is there any future plans to add the expansions in the original Tuscany that were, unfortunately, removed from the essential edition?

    I was really looking forward to trying the Formaggio and Arboriculture expansions with my friends and I'd be willing to pay a fair price to have them included(similar to the Superfight Orange & Red decks or the Cosmic Encounter expansions).

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    May 2019, one year later. Still the same issue. The following is not working:

    Rulebooks are there but are not working, they are invisible.

    Lira is there but is invisible, so basically not working.

    Grape tokens are there but are invisible, so basically not working.

    Patronage cards are completely missing.

    Tuscany Advanced Summer and Winter visitors are completely missing.

    Tuscany new Summer and Winter visitors are completely missing.

    All of Tier 3 content is completely missing.

    Can someone please look into this?

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