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Thread: Update v3.2 - Paint/Drawing Tool, Card Improvements, Increased Character Limits

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    Update v3.2 - Paint/Drawing Tool, Card Improvements, Increased Character Limits

    We’ve added in another feature that was requested by the community and that is a paint/drawing tool! Have fun with it and please give us feedback on it. We’ve also increased the character limit of Player Names, and made some card improvements.

    If you missed it yesterday, Part 1 of our Tutorial Series is also online. This one covers all the basic controls in the game. Please let us know what you think.

    And finally, there won’t be any updates or tutorials the next couple of weeks as we’ll be out of town, but we’ll get back on it once we return. Happy November!

    Paint/Drawing Added:
    • Pixelated paint style drawing with real time network syncing has been added.
    • 'F2' will change your pointer into paint mode where you can draw with 'Left Click'.
    • The color of your paint is the same as your hand.
    • 'F3' will change your pointer into eraser mode which can be used to erase drawings.
    • To draw a straight line hold alt then click, it will draw a line like connect the dots (also works with eraser).
    • Can clear all drawings by selecting or hovering over the Eraser tool then clicking the trash can that appears.
    • Drawings will be saved in your Mods/Saves.
    • Drawing uses a pixel size of 0.5 units, so you can use the grid to assists with drawing.
    • Painting can disabled for clients in the hosts options.

    UI for easy swapping between pointer modes:
    • New UI tool added on the left side of the screen where you can swap between Hand, Paint, Eraser, Hidden, and Line modes.
    • The mode you are currently in will be highlighted and unavailable options will be greyed out.
    • When mousing over one of the icons the hotkey will be displayed for that mode.
    • 'F1' - 'F5' will swap between the different modes, but you can still use the old hold hotkey system.

    Player Name Improvements:
    • Increased name character limit from 12 to 32.
    • Names on table now resize to fit the length of the player's name.
    • Fixed Green and Blue names being reversed on the Rectangle and Large Custom Table.
    • Fixed name clipping on the octagon and hexagon table for tall character languages (Chinese, Japanese, etc.).

    Card Improvements:
    • Made it easier to add cards to a deck by raising the distance tolerance.
    • Greatly reduced the physics insanity when combining cards together.
    • When creating a deck the bottom card takes precedent and determines the deck properties, instead of averaging both cards.

    General Improvements:
    • Clicking on the clock will pause or start whatever the clock was doing, and hold grab will move it around just like a stack.
    • Added “ /testconnection ” chat command which will test your network for issues either hosted or connecting to servers.
    • Automatically detects country when hosting a server (no longer manual and more accurate than region).
    • Improved camera collision making it harder to clip your camera through the table.
    • Notepad now uses the same font as the rest of the game instead of the handwritten font for easier readability.
    • Highlighting is now case sensitive depending on the mode the pointer is currently (ex. Objects will no longer highlight when in Hidden Mode, bug hidden areas will).
    • Raised default video quality settings for the game from "Very Low" to "Medium".
    • Better UI scaling at lower resolution (<800 horizontal resolution), so the UI isn't so large.
    • Added the copy/paste sound to spawning from the chest.
    • Host options are now synced properly with promoted players.
    • When scrolling through chat it will no longer auto hide.

    • Fixed bug with friends tab not showing games that friends were connected to but not hosting.
    • Fixed black line artifacts on GUI elements, especially noticeable when playing on lower settings.
    • Fixed scaling issues with poker chips (colliders wrong, spacing messed up, etc).
    • Fixed highlighting issue with poker chips only highlighting one of the chips.
    • Minor optimization for poker chip stacks.

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    Update v3.2 - Paint/Drawing Tool, Card Improvements, Increased Character Limits

    Holding tab while drawing should draw in straight lines rather than switch (or F5.)

    Otherwise, good update! Pictionary is already in progress.

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    Update v3.2 - Paint/Drawing Tool, Card Improvements, Increased Character Limits

    Another Hotfix v3.2.1 before we leave for the week:
    Fixed some custom model bugs and load issues
    Fixed the server browser getting corrupted and not loading properly
    Fixed the credits list to include our paypal Kickstarter backers (Thanks guys!)

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