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Thread: JSON.decode always returns nil

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    JSON.decode always returns nil

    I am trying to save and load data from input fields to create a character sheet, however when I use JSON.decode I get "Expected string argument to JSON.decode(), got nil". I have checked the TS_Save.json file, and the object's LuaScriptState isn't empty, so the data is being saved, just not loaded.

    Attached are the TS_Save files (.json converted to txt so it could be attached).

    Below is the onLoad, loadSave, onSave, and initVars portions of my code. initVars is to make sure the variables exist before it attempts to edit and save them.

    function onLoad()
    function loadSave(save_state)
        local data = JSON.decode(save_state)
        if data.s_saved == true then
            saved = data.s_saved
            codename_string = data.s_codename
            stamina_string = data.s_stamina
            determination_string = data.s_determination
            origin_string = data.s_origin
            realname_string = data.s_realname
    function onSave()
        saved = true
        local table = {
            s_saved = saved,
            s_codename = codename_string,
            s_stamina = stamina_string,
            s_determination = determination_string,
            s_origin = origin_string,
            s_realname = realname_string
        save = JSON.encode(table)
        return save
    function initVars()
        saved = true
        codename_string = ""
        stamina_string = ""
        determination_string = ""
        origin_string = ""
        realname_string = ""
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    Uh oh

    function onLoad()
    You didn't make save_state actually an argument for the onLoad, so of course it is nil there

    Should be

    function onLoad(save_state)

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