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Thread: Suddenly getting error messages

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    Exclamation Suddenly getting error messages


    I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who is not very tech savy and having some trouble all of a sudden. When he goes to start a game only the Classic and DLC images show, the workshop & saves are blank. When he tries to host or join any game outside of classics he gets a repeating error in chat log.

    www image Error: couldn't read a file:// file

    And none of the images will load. He hasn't changed anything system wise. Here is a list of all the obvious stuff we've ALREADY done.

    no anti-virus running

    local files have been verified

    have reinstalled tabletop & wiped all the files from both steamapp & my documents(my games) then started the game fresh...TTS locked up and wouldn't respond. Alt+control+del forced closed TTS reopened and still had errors. Then moved
    previous my doc - my games TTS files back. Still got the errors

    have run the load options for -nosteam, -nothreading, -nosubscription (none worked & the -nosteam didn't crash the game)

    Have uninstalled and reinstalled the C++ 2012 file(s)

    Uncheck Mod Cache & restarted TTS.

    Something to note - when he joined Yugiho card game table most of the table & objects were white but he could see the cards of my deck which I had loaded before he joined. But when he tried to pull a deck from the table it also wouldn't load the images. Also our D&D table which we have been using WITHOUT any problem for over 6 months now is also suddenly giving him the same problem & I upload that workshop and have NOT made any changes to either the workshop, steam cloud, or the images on imgur prior to nor after the problem started.

    I have noticed other posts here regarding the same issue, left unsolved and just dangling out there.

    Post 1
    Post 2

    It is my hope that this thread doesn't meet the same fate as this is obviously not an isolated issue.

    Attached is his error log. He runs Windows 7. I hope you can figure out what's going on cause myself, the forums, the google(as far as the 9+ searches I did) are stumped.

    Here is the log file log
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    Was hoping to have some kind of reply by now...Our next D&D meet is this Sunday

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    So through the discord channel a couple of users helped me find what appears to be a solution to this issue. If you go into your

    C:/documents/my games/tabletop simulator/mods/images

    MAKE A BACKUP COPY of this folder then delete everything in it. Now open TTS it will seem like it is still broken but as you load the workshops it will re-download the needed files and things will work. You'll have to load each workshop before it will work properly. But it worked for my friend. He's loaded 5 of the previously broken workshop and they all work after loading.

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