My name is Tyson and I have spent almost 200 hours using TTS. I love it and think it is such a great tool! I have played a lot of games but mostly ones that have been in development as I run a play testing service for aspiring game designers. I myself am an aspiring designer and have created about 6 of my own games in TTS, several of which are available in the workshop.

Paths: Temple of Ukro'Kaah is a 1-6 dungeon crawl, deck builder being published by Smunchy Games and we are looking for play testers.

Tasty Humans is a 1-4 player tile laying, pattern building game where you take the role of a monster looking to satisfy their hunger by filling their stomach with tasty treats and is also looking for play testers.

Beyond the games that I am working on I have enjoyed playing Scythe, Zombie Dice, SPQF, and others through TTS and am always interested in playing games when available.

Thanks for having me here, I hope to get to know some of you and play some games!