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Thread: Scrap Wars, scrap robot warfare, now available on steam workshop

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    Scrap Wars, scrap robot warfare, now available on steam workshop

    hello everybody!

    I go by the name Konstrukto and hail from the netherlands.
    I'm the developer of a boardgame called 'Scrap Wars', or actually, that's the english translation because my game is originally in dutch and is called 'Schrootoorlog'.
    I have translated it to reach a broader audience, for testing purposes in this stage.

    The game is for a maximum of 4 players who each pilot 2 mech robots, they are made from scrap which you will only notice if you dive into the storyline which is available on the (also bilingual) website.
    It's a strategic boardgame with chance factored in and unexpected things happening all the time.
    I'm not trying to simulate anything, instead the game is cartoonish in nature and has a fun factor to it.
    You could say that it is a possible gateway drug to hardcore gaming because it is in between traditional boardgames and more complicated gaming, it uses a mere 3 types of dice.

    It is available on steam workshop in both an english and a dutch version, it has a manual on a tablet ingame which you will need (the link is also in the notebook).
    Because it is still in development the manual doesn't look too fancy yet, I hope you don't mind...

    I'm looking for testers all the time, so I would be very pleased if people would like to try it sometime.
    Feedback is very very welcome!

    english version:
    dutch version:

    For more information visit: or shoot me a message!

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    so, has anyone tried it?
    if not, some people willing to try?

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    change notes, version 4.1

    - heads on unit cards are now in color as intended and reflecting those on the unit tiles (dutch version only)
    - left and right are now indicated, both on the unit as well as in the weapons section
    - new rule for chance cards added: "chance extravaganza"
    - rules for energy recharging have been changed
    - regular D6 are now in player colors
    - each player now has their own bowl of tokens

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