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    Card Issue

    I'm sorry to have to post this here but I can't find anywhere else that might be appropriate. I've got a game that I was finally about to get into a testing phase on TTS and of course the day before I ran into a snag. When I'm trying to make a deck, I want certain cards to have duplicate backs but some not to have duplicate backs. No matter what I do however, the backs are ALWAYS in the form of the below image. I've tried changing the image size from 3k x 3k to 4096 x 4096-- doesn't matter. I've tried many different combinations with the Front/Back images, the unique backs, and even uploaded the files from different locations. It doesn't matter, and I am really worried I will have to wait a week at this point to start testing. Please help.

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    have you tried to create more than one deck?

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    I don't know what happened, but I went back to gimp and quite literally re-exported every single image to 4096 size, then put everything through the TTS deck up until now, where it has started doing the same stuff again and I don't know why (again). What seems to have fixed it the first time was 4096 pixel size combined with a better understanding of how the deck manager is supposed to work. Problem is, I have two Decks in the editor now, one for the front and one for the back. Both are 6x5 and both are 4096... But the same issue happens regardless of what I try. I've tried making the decks smaller but that just makes the ratio splice incorrect, except it splices it incorrectly according to that particular ratio / deck dimension. I've tried putting width as 6, height as 5, and card number at 30 many times with unique back checked and not checked, and also tried not using the TTS deck editor's exported image because that was where the problem started. I instead exported from GIMP-- didn't matter. This is really strange because I can actually make a perfectly fine deck of 2 other cards as shown in the attachment... but this particular deck just doesn't want to do what I am pretty sure it should do...Screenshot (3).jpg

    EDIT: I just named the files something different when I exported them from TTS deck editor after restarting it and it works now. Again, I have no idea why as I definitely put in the exact same things-- my only guess is that instead of filling in the card slots very quickly, I waited for the red square to catch up before pasting.
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