Hello! I just purchased your game and I was really excited to play it. Unfortunately I still am waiting to play it. When I boot up the game on steam I receive the message that I am not connected to steam and I must restart steam. After reading through a lot of your forum I found the solution for windows computers but not mac. So let me get to the facts and hopefully you can help.

When I start the game I am notified on the main menu that I am not connected to steam and I need to restart steam.
I am unable to do anything while in the main menu except exit the game. I can't play single player, multiplayer, or the tutorial. I can see the chat running but I cannot comment. If I click on anything it simply tells me I'm not connected to steam.

I am running a MacBook Pro that has macOS Sierra V10.12.6
My steam application is currently up to date.
I have restarted the game, steam, and my computer many times.
I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it.
I have verified the games files.
I have tried playing the game offline and I have received the same results.

I thank you for your time and I hope this problem can be solved.