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Thread: "Cannot connect to steam" mac

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    "Cannot connect to steam" mac

    Hello! I just purchased your game and I was really excited to play it. Unfortunately I still am waiting to play it. When I boot up the game on steam I receive the message that I am not connected to steam and I must restart steam. After reading through a lot of your forum I found the solution for windows computers but not mac. So let me get to the facts and hopefully you can help.

    When I start the game I am notified on the main menu that I am not connected to steam and I need to restart steam.
    I am unable to do anything while in the main menu except exit the game. I can't play single player, multiplayer, or the tutorial. I can see the chat running but I cannot comment. If I click on anything it simply tells me I'm not connected to steam.

    I am running a MacBook Pro that has macOS Sierra V10.12.6
    My steam application is currently up to date.
    I have restarted the game, steam, and my computer many times.
    I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it.
    I have verified the games files.
    I have tried playing the game offline and I have received the same results.

    I thank you for your time and I hope this problem can be solved.

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    Having the same issue, everything was fine until today.

    Cannot connect to steam and nick name in use

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

    I've also restarted and reinstalled everything

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    I got the same issue - TTS was working perfectly for a few months. Now it shows "Could not connect to steam". Verified files, reinstalled TTS/steam. Still nothing. Please help!

    It is not connection issue - another computer with different Steam/TTS user on the same wi-fi router works great (but on PC).

    OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

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    Well is has now been four months since I have purchased the game and I have still been unable to play it. I am very disappointed that no one has bothered to try and help resolve the issue. I would have at least appreciated a reply stating the problem is being worked on. If this is how costumers are treated a may be asking for a refund very soon.

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    Exact same issue for me, also on MacOS (Mojave 10.14.3). I used to have no problems at all, now no matter what i do I'm getting a "Cannot connect to Steam" and "Nickname already in use" errors. Tried reinstalling Steam and TTS, no luck.

    It's very discouraging to see that other people are having this issue and not getting ANY response whatsoever.

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    *bump* Can we get some kind of response on this, please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grantangry View Post
    *bump* Can we get some kind of response on this, please?

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    I'm also having this issue... can we get some help? I tried the debug steps in the steam forums post and there is not log file where it says it's supposed to be... what's next?

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    Its very frustrating to see no one cares about this issue, whats is going on ? Can we get an answer from someone?? Thank you

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