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Thread: VR Beta information & settings (and how to revert to original controls)

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    Question VR Beta information & settings (and how to revert to original controls)

    VR Beta
    VR in Tabletop Simulator is under active development, and as such is changing all the time. This thread will be updated each patch with any changes relevant to playing in VR. It will also contain all the console commands you can use to tailor your VR experience. Both Vive and Rift are supported, though control layout may change where necessary (due to thumbstick for instance).

    v10.8 VR changes
    • Fixed cards rotating on pickup
    • Fixed decks flipping on pickup
    • Fixed zoom scale speed being framerate dependent

    Current VR Controls*
    *Subject to change!
    • Touching the pad will activate the laser, and clicking the center will `click` on whatever you are aiming at. If you click on an object then its context menu will appear on the video wall.
    • Pad Left and Pad Right are used as tool hotkeys: click them to use the tool they show, or hold them to store your current tool (on Rift moving the stick will change tool, and clicking it will store).
    • Pad Up is teleport, and Pad Down is Zoom on the left controller, Tool Select on the right (<Tool Select is not yet implemented>).
    • [Zoom turns the controller into a zoomed-in version of the last active object. Clicking Pad Down will keep the controller in zoom mode until you click it again, and if you touch Pad Left or Pad Right while zoomed you can alter the scale of the object.
    • Objects may be activated either by touching them with the gem, or by pointing at them with the laser beam. If an object is active then pulling the trigger will grab it; releasing the trigger will release it.
    • While holding an object, left and right on the pad will rotate it, and clicking pad center will flip it.
    • Hold the grip on one controller to move as if you are pulling yourself around, or hold grips on both controllers to rotate + scale.
    • Hit the Menu button to display the system menu on the video wall, or hold the Menu button for 3 seconds to reset your position.

    Editting autoexec
    In order to make commands apply every time you play Tabletop Simulator you must add them to your autoexec. You can do this in TTS by typing `edit autoexec` in the system console, or outwith the game (with notepad for example) by editing this file in your user folder: `Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\autoexec.cfg`

    Reverting to original controls
    If you would rather just go back to how the VR controls used to work then you can do that. Edit the autoexec as above and add
    VR commands
    There are several commands and variables that control how the VR controls work. Any command listed starting with a `+` will turn on that setting. Start it with a `-` instead to turn it off (or with a `!` to toggle it).

    Variable that reports whether the game is running in VR (READ ONLY)

    If ON then controllers use the old control style.
    Default: OFF

    If ON then controller laser pointer will be angled like under original controls.
    Default: OFF

    vr_laser_beam_opacity <opacity>
    Sets opacity of the laser beam: 0.0 = transparent, 1.0 = opaque.
    DEFAULT: 1.0

    If ON then controller laser pointer beam will be visible. If OFF the beam will be invisible, though the laser dot will always be visible if the laser is on.
    Default: ON

    If ON then controller laser pointer will always be on like under original controls. If OFF then it will only come on when pad is touched.
    Default: OFF

    vr_left_controller_mode_pad_down <mode>
    Sets how pad down on the left controller works. <mode> may be one of:
    0 = Bindable (may use `bind VRLeftPadDown <command>` to bind a command to it)
    1 = Tool Select (<not yet implemented>)
    2 = Zoom
    Default: 2

    Shortcut for `vr_left_controller_mode_pad_down 0`

    Shortcut for `vr_left_controller_mode_pad_down 1`

    Shortcut for `vr_left_controller_mode_pad_down 2`

    Sets scale of zoom object.
    Default: 1.0

    If ON then the icon showing the current tool mode will be colored instead of black.
    Default: ON

    vr_right_controller_mode_pad_down <mode>
    Sets how pad down on the right controller works. <mode> may be one of:
    0 = Bindable (may use `bind VRRightPadDown <command>` to bind a command to it)
    1 = Tool Select (<not yet implemented>)
    2 = Zoom
    Default: 1

    Shortcut for `vr_right_controller_mode_pad_down 0`

    Shortcut for `vr_right_controller_mode_pad_down 1`

    Shortcut for `vr_right_controller_mode_pad_down 2`

    Sets scale of zoom object.
    Default: 1.0

    If ON then trigger button becomes sticky for grabbing: press to grab and press again to release.
    Default: OFF

    If ON then pushing up on the pad will let you teleport, if OFF you may `bind` it.
    Default: ON

    If ON then VR thumbstick icons are always displayed. If OFF then they are only displayed when the stick is touched.
    Default: OFF

    vr_thumbstick_repeat_duration <seconds>
    Sets how long you have to hold the stick in a direction for it to repeat the action (currently only applies to rotating held object).

    vr_tooltips_initial_duration <seconds>
    Duration VR controller tooltip displays for at startup (if not set to be always-on).",
    Default: 5.0

    If ON then VR controller tooltips are always displayed.
    Default: OFF

    If ON then VR controller tooltips are displayed whenever grips are activated.
    Default: ON

    If ON then squeezing the trigger will turn on the laser pointer.
    Default: OFF

    If ON then the trigger can be used to click on the UI.
    Default: OFF

    Removes all commands bound to the VR controller pad. Useful to call before binding your own commands.

    For example, say you wanted to disable the tooltip overlay completely, and have the laser always be on. Your autoexec should look like this:
    vr_tooltips_initial_duration 0
    Binding commands to the pad
    You can bind any console command to any pad direction (though you'll need to use `-vr_teleport_with_pad` to access Pad Up, and `vr_controller_left_pad_down_bindable` (or `_right_`) to access Pad Down). The binding is identified with `VR<Controller>Pad<Direction>`, so if you want to bind to Pad Right on the left controller you would use `bind VRLeftPadRight <command>`. You can bind to the user releasing the direction by prefixing with `-`, or to a long-press with `!`.

    For example, say you wanted to use the Paint tool whenever you were holding Left on the left controller:
    unbind !VRLeftPadLeft
    bind +VRLeftPadLeft tool_paint
    bind -VRLeftPadLeft tool_revert
    Notice the `unbind` line: this removes the long-press binding which would store the current tool when the pad button is held down. If you wanted to rebind a lot of controls then just do one `vr_unbind_all` at the start instead.
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