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Thread: Failed to load model (.obj) on every single game

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    Failed to load model (.obj) on every single game
    Like the screenshot shows every time i try to load a game I get a failed to load model problem and clicking the import button never works either. This started about a month and a half ago but has gotten worse since. Games that i have had hundreds of hours playing suddenly will only half load or have the entire table missing. Im on windows 10 with the all the latest updates on TTS, steam and the system its self and this is happening on my laptop and my friends brand new computer. Tried uninstalling and repairing files and did about half a dozen things suggested online including downloading the entire custom game to my ssd but it still has the same problem.

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    Hello there, I am experiencing the same problem. It appeared out of nowhere after a huge outtage in my area. The game just stopped seeing some files (which are in the model's folder in C:\Users\Янушка\Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Mods\Models and the game is mapped to the documents folder for saving data) and can't download them either. This problem happens with EVERY single mod. Even the ones I played before.

    1. Tried cleaning the Models' folder to force the game to download needed files. No result.
    2. Rebooting the router, flushing DNS, mapping Google DNS, setting exceptions with the firewall, disabling firewall - nothing of that helped
    3. Verified the game's integrity. Reinstalled the game. Restarted comp. - did not help
    4. Manually setting the link to the missing .obj file in my browser lets me download said file without any problem. The game however refuses to see such files. Trying to import these files manually did not work either.
    5. Updated my video driver. No result
    6. Turned mod threading off. Turned mod caching off and on. Cleared Steam download cache. No change.
    7. Reinstalled C++. Nothing
    8. Uninstalled from my SSD & reinstalled the game to the other HDD. Same result.

    Currently out of ideas.

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    Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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    are bumps allowed? i kind of feel like noone is working here anymore

    - - - Updated - - -

    posted this over a week ago and still no word from berserk

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    I'm having this problem too. Where's technical support?

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    how do we ping a mod? not sure why this hasn't even received a response yet

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    this is insane where are the mods the game is unusable yet i get no help from this company

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    I hear you, Jack. It's insanely frustrating. Devs are not responding. The game is simply unusable. There are numbers of threads discussing this very problem on steam forums too.
    Like here

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