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Thread: Scripting Question: onPlayerTurnStart Script drawing 2 instead of 1?

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    Scripting Question: onPlayerTurnStart Script drawing 2 instead of 1?

    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, new here. I have a question about implementing the onPlayerTurnStart function. (Note, I'm new to LUA and picking it up as I go. I've looked through the documentation, but can't find an answer.)

    Basically, I'm trying to make a script where a player draws 1 card from their own specific deck automatically at the start of their turn. This is what I have so far(Player 1 is White, Player 2 is Blue):

    function onPlayerTurnStart(player_White_start, player_Blue_previous)
    if Turns.turn_color == 'White' then
    else if Turns.turn_color == 'Blue' then

    DrawP1 and DrawP2 are functions where the player draws from their specific deck as long as it has cards:

    function DrawP1()
    local objDeck = getDeck(DeckZoneGUID_1)
    if not(objDeck == nil) then
    objDeck.dealToColor(1, Color_1)

    function DrawP2()
    local objDeck = getDeck(DeckZoneGUID_2)
    if not(objDeck == nil) then
    objDeck.dealToColor(1, Color_2)

    When the draw functions are linked to a button, they work perfectly, and a player draws 1 card from their deck when the button is pressed. However, with the onTurnPlayerStart function, it's drawing 2 cards instead of 1.

    Any ideas? Help very appreciated.

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    It's a bug I think, turn events triggering twice. A workaround for now would be to ignore when they fire too rapidly (e.g. faster than 0.5s apart), it would be something like
    -- should we ignore the next call?
    local ignore = false
    function onPlayerTurnStart(start, prev)
        if not ignore then
            -- your typical stuff there
            -- (what you had in this function before)
            -- ignore the next call
            ignore = true
            -- reset the ignore variable after half a second
            Wait.time(function() ignore = false end, 0.5)

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    Another way, not better, but trades a little memory for a little speed.

    I would keep a variable, (lastPlayer) and only deal a card if newPlayer ~= lastPlayer.

    -- first two lines just set up context
    decks = {White = getDeck(DeckZoneGUID_1), Blue = getDeck(DeckZoneGUID_2)}
    lastPlayer = nil
    function onPlayerTurnStart(old, new)
    if new ~= lastPlayer then
        decks[new].deal(1, new)
        lastPlayer = new
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    This bug was reported two years ago and is still not fixed!??

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