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Thread: onObjectDestroy() triggering multiple times when navigating through components menu

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    onObjectDestroy() triggering multiple times when navigating through components menu

    When navigating through the categories of the components menu, onObjectDestroy() is called multiple times, potentially messing up your script that relies on the event.

    When this bug occurs the object that is passed to the function has a GUID of nil. So you can protect your code from this bug with a simple check:

    function onObjectDestroy(obj)
        if obj.GUID() then
            # Your code here

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    What does your onSave look like?

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    Not using it. This occurs on any vanilla game with no other code. I've only been working in singleplayer, not sure if it happens in other modes.

    I've attached a screenshot of this happening in a singleplayer vanilla chess game with only an onObjectDestroy() function and me clicking the 'cards' category once (and the function being called 6 times as a result).
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    Still not fixed as of todays update.

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