So I am having problems with this game as well as another, dragon age origins. The games start up, I can hear the in game music, and when I scroll over where menu options are, I get a sense that they are working. The problem is there is no video or visual that appears. I can see the cursor and I see that it changed to the one used in the game, but other than that, there is just a blank black screen. I have tried verifying the files, restarting steam, the game and my computer. I verified that my computer and all the drivers and software is up to date, and that adobe Flash is up to date as well. I am able to play other games just fine and on at least the medium settings for the resolution and such. I am not sure what else I can do or what is going on. I also went and took a screenshot of the game and the black screen and on the screenshot, It appears that everything is working, but when I look back, there is still just a black screen.