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    Lightbulb Better Permissions

    My friends do this really annoying thing where they randomly click everything when bored, and it can be extremely obnoxious and distracting when I'm trying to explain game rules. Given this premise, here's some possible fixes:

    1. Add a button to quickly freeze all users from interacting with anything temporarily, until host turns perms back on
    2. Same as 1, but only for certain users
    3. Allow custom permissions (if you only want to stop one person from pixel art drawing or using the chat, for ex.)
    4. Toggle-able actions cooldown, so people can't spam point, flick, and other things a million times in a second

    Easiest UI for this would probably be to have a dropdown list of users in settings and then be able to check off boxes for permissions. Right clicking on a user's profile picture (as host) will give the option to freeze that person's permissions, and right clicking on the host's own picture will give the option to freeze the permissions of all users (besides host) in the game.

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    I would agree.

    I would also add another aspect of handling permissions which would be being able to give each player a comprehensive list of all the models they can interact with.

    This would be extremely useful for Pen&Paper RPG. Where locking everything in place can be a chore for the GM (not even mentioning making stuff non-interacting) who has to move stuff around. You would just prevent your players from moving anything that isn't theirs.

    I would envision 3 game settings :
    - Players can only move the models assigned to them - Most restrictive/secure mode
    - Players can only move the models assigned to them or members of their team. - So that players can show each other what they mean to do, and maybe play for a friend that is away, or something.
    - Players can move all models (except for GM assigned models) - So that player can mess around with things laying around, but the GM can still protect the critical models

    Once this game setting is decided upon the GM can right-click the red player character model, select "assign to" (would work like "deal to"), select "Red" and voilą.

    Now the GM can stop overbuilding it's scenarios to make them fool-proof (a noble if vain endeavour) and focus on making a great scenario. And in a few clicks he can control which player control which models.

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    +10000 Definitely agree on this, seems to be a lot of trolls in this game who like to join random public rooms just to annoy people. More permissions options for admin/promoted players would be very useful.

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