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Thread: Deck Manipulation on newest update.

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    Deck Manipulation on newest update.

    Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but the new update has changed how interacting with decks functions. In case it's noteworthy, I use the oculus touch.

    Previously, when interacting with a deck, with thumb on the joystick for laser pointer, if I hit the trigger button and immediately pulled away, I would pull the top card from a deck and the card would remain face down until I hit a button. If I maintained pointing, and held the trigger for a half second, I would pick up the deck.

    Problem 1:
    When I point at a deck and click, I draw the top card. Doesn't matter if I hold the button, tap it, or anything else. It pulls a card.

    Problem 2:
    When holding a face down card for a short period of time, it automatically flips face up. I cannot flip it back over until I set it down and pick it back up. If I pick it up and flip it face down too fast, the autoflip will trigger anyway, and flip it back to face up.

    I've scoured the patch notes, and maybe I'm just missing something, but I couldn't find any mention of these changes. I wonder if there's an option to deal with these two particular problems.

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    It may be the 'trigger effect': clicking the trigger in all the way causes the card to straighten and face you, and be hidden from other players. Clicking again returns it to its former position. Can you try only pulling the trigger half-way and see what happens? Does it work better if you actually reach for the deck instead of using the laser pointer?

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    okay, so after some further evaluation, a partial trigger draws a card and does not flip it. There still appears to be no way to pick up a deck in VR, apart from selecting it with a non-deck item.
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