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Thread: Server uptime in game browser

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    Server uptime in game browser

    Hardly no one changes the "looking for players" indicator which makes it hard to determine if you could catch a game before it started. Showing how long a server has been open could be an additional good indicator to if you would likely be able to join before the game began.

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    I kinda like that idea but one problem is what if they finished a game and are playing another? The real problem here is players not activating/deactivating the "looking for players" toggle correctly.

    Therefore, I think a better solution to the problem would be exposing access to the "looking for players" toggle in scripting. That would let a mod automatically set the "looking for players" to false once you've clicked some sort of "start game" or "set-up" button, and you could have it set "looking for players" to true once the mod is re-loaded in.

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    Oh wait! Turns out that's already in there! Players/mod makers just need to start using that in their mods!

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    the only way this ever gonna get used, is if it's placed in top right corner with the current players, as a toggle button "Looking for players ON"/"Looking for players OFF"

    no one want's to go through 10 submenus to toggle it

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    I do like that suggestion actually. BTW you can build that currently with the Custom UI but it should be a default UI element so that players actually notice it and think about it.

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