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Thread: Buy 4-pack as a gift?

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    Unhappy Buy 4-pack as a gift?

    So not sure if this is the best place to go for this, but I'm having some trouble in the store page on steam. I really love the game and wanted to buy some copies for friends. As there is a 4-pack option and it is cheaper than getting 4 single copies of the game I wanted to purchase a 4-pack as a gift. However, when I add it to my cart, the button to purchase as a gift is greyed out and unclickable. If I select the single copy, it will allow me to purchase it as a gift, but as I previously indicated, that is not my desire as I'd rather buy the 4-pack and save some money. Is there any way to purchase the 4-pack as a gift?

    Just read a Steam forum indicating what I would like to do is impossible as the first copy is always added to the purchaser's account. Sigh
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    The way I normally get around this, is if the money you were going to spend wasnt store credit, you can give the funds to one of the friends to buy for the group.
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