i'm uploading in TTS one game that i'm making to try the betatest.

I've already imported large parts of the minis and the first cards deck, but i'm having a bit of trouble with 3 kind of pawns that have a limited number of ammos.

trying to explain:
the archers have 2 arrows to count the volley they can fire, in the tabletop game, they have 2 slot on backside of the basement and 2 arrow-pin to remove (and refit with
supply phase).

in the TTS i try this way, but maybe is gross... i set the archers as "pouch" item, and put the 2 arrows inside it... this work but moving the archer appear less easy confronting to the other minis.

I've the same situation with ballistae and supply wagon (with bigarrow and barrels as "ammo" for those).

this solution also doesn't allow to see how many ammo remain "at glance" to the archers, in fact you need to move the cursor over them to have the count.

There are other kind of solution, like maybe a way to attach arrow-item to it? (under or over?)

Lua could help?

a link to the project