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Thread: reload() after SetCustomObject causing error

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    Angry reload() after SetCustomObject causing error

    Here's the script:

    function onPlayerChangedColor(vPlayer_Color)
        tPlayers = Player.getPlayers()
        oSetupBoard.setCustomObject({ image = tSetupBoards[#tPlayers] })
    This code does what its supposed to (i.e. when a player changes color, it switches the image on a custom board depending on the number of players) but it generates the following error:

    Error in Script (Global) function <onPlayerChangedColor>:<Unknown Error>

    It only occurs when the reload() is called (i.e. if I comment out oSetupBoard.reload(), no error occurs but then I don't see the new board image).

    Any ideas?

    P.S. tSetupBoards is a table of URLs numerically indexed to the number of players

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    Check if your oSetupBoard is a ref to the correct object

    Check if tSetupBoards[#tPlayers] is a valid link

    Try adding rest of params to setCustomObject or do
    local custom = oSetupBoard.getCustomObject()
    custom.image = oSetupBoard[#tPlayers]

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    Thanks dzikakulka. Here's my amended code that works:

    function onPlayerChangedColor(vPlayer_Color)
        oSetupBoard = getObjectFromGUID(vSetupBoard_GUID)
        tPlayers = Player.getPlayers()
        if bSetup then
            local oCustom = oSetupBoard.getCustomObject()
            oCustom.image = tSetupBoards[#tPlayers]
    I was defining the GUID and getObjectFromGUID in OnLoad() but, when the reload is run for onPlayerChangedColor, it creates a new object reference so I need to recreate the reference before doing the reload.

    I'm also trying to test the following which may work as well:

    oSetupBoard = oSetupBoard.reload()
    Do you ever have times with Atom where you send script updates (Ctrl-Shift-S) & it sends but Tabletop Simulator doesn't receive it? I'll have it work for a while & then it stops working. Right now, I can reload Atom & TTS, Atom receives the files but it won't send them correctly. It is driving me nuts! Any ideas on that?

    UPDATE: oSetupBoard = oSetupBoard.reload() works as well. I had to logoff my computer, login, load Atom then TTS & I can send script updates to TTS again (until it stops working again) ...
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    Yeah, obj.reload() returns the new ref so if you have e.g. a global variable that needs to point to it, assigning result of reload() to it is the way to go.

    For Atom plugin problems, there's a pinned feedback topic on Scripting forum here, I guess some logs would be useful for that (but I'm not really familiar with Atom).

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