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Thread: Option to align all cards in hands the same way (don't turn landscape cards 90)

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    Option to align all cards in hands the same way (don't turn landscape cards 90)

    Many games I play use handcards with different orientations. Some are in normal mode, others are in landscape mode. The landscape cards are printed that way because they have special purposes (for example "base cards" in star realm so people can instantly see that they keep laying on the board while other cards go to discard after using them).

    The issue is that other people can see if someone has such cards in their hand and can play around them. You could just not set them to landscape mode but then they would be turned the wrong way to read when pressing the alt key.

    I would like to have an option in the hands settings menu (in the host settings) to orient ALL cards the same way in the hands area instead of rotating landscape cards by 90 while still having the option to see them rotated in landscape mode when I use the "alt" key. Or just make it so other players see all cards in my hand the same way while only I see them in landscape mode. Just hiding the cards with hidden areas is not enough as you need to know how many cards others players have in many games. You just should not be able to know which cards they have just because some of them are landscape mode cards and others aren't.

    I hope this gets added in the next update as it ruins many of the games I would like to play with friends and we have to fall back to hidden areas and a card counter infront of them which is a VERY annoying workaround to deal with this issue.

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    If you're still looking for a reply, there's a few points:

    1) You can rotate an object in Alt view, using Q & E just like in the world - this does not affect the object on the table.

    2) If your cards are appearing in player hands in landscape view by default, I'd assume that the cardsheet used to create the deck of those cards has them displayed in landscape view as well. To the game this would mean those cards are right-side up in landscape.

    Taking both of those points (assuming 2 is the case), one solution would be to redo the cardsheet image so the landscape cards are oriented as the regular cards. The one annoyance would be that initially everyone would have to rotate one of those cards in alt view the first time - only one, as the Alt view rotation of all cards in a deck are linked.

    An additional thing to try in this case, also assuming the landscape cards are being created as a separate deck, would be to check the "Sideways" box on the import window when creating that deck. This causes Alt view to default to landscape (or whatever is 90 deg clockwise to how cards are on the sheet), nothing else. What I'm not sure of atm is whether the Alt view orientation is retained when manually mixing "sideways" cards with non-"sideways" cards in another deck. I've tested this, but I can't remember what happens - they may take on the orientation of the deck they are added to.

    If that happens, or if you'd want to import all cards on a single cardsheet (if better for layout and efficiency), with some displayed landscape ("Sideways" import option) and some normal, there's a script library you can use by dzikakulka, Decker. I've used it and it's great. Besides the ability to set "Sideways" or any other options/variables on each card in a deck individually, it provides much greater access and control to cards and decks. If you wish I can post some snippets of my code where I specifically used Decker to spawn a deck with two sideways cards and the rest normal.

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