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Thread: Multi-byte character probrems between Atom and TTS

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    Multi-byte character probrems between Atom and TTS

    I'm also reported on Steam forum. Developers says 1 probrems per 1 threads so I posted this thread.
    old thread is (listed some bugs):


    I'm making some games with script for automate game preparation.
    But in scripting with Atom, I met a bug to trouble me:

    • In Atom editor, Including multi-byte characters (such as Japanese strings) sometimes become garbled when I save scripts. (example: あいうえお -> あ??????えお)

    It may be related to split communication between Atom and TTS. When they communicate to share scripts, they may split script strings due to max length limitation. Garbles may appears when script split occurs middle of multi-byte character.

    I want to fix this bug for multi-byte languages.
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