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Thread: Make hidden zone invisible for that player

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    Exclamation Make hidden zone invisible for that player

    It would be great to be able to make a hidden zone become invisible to the player that can see its contents.

    So for example, if enabled on a red hidden zone, the red player (and their teammates) would not see the box for the hidden zone but other players could. You can kind of preview what this would look like currently if you're red and you make a huge red hidden zone and your camera is inside it.

    The purpose of this feature is to remove the ugly colored boxes that can litter mods with lots of hidden zones. Not having your playerboard/ressources/whatever being tinted by your color is also a big plus since it can make certain games much less visually appealing

    One thing that could be nice along with this feature is some sort of projection of the outline of the box on the table/box (similar to the grid projection), so we know where the zone ends and not show hidden objects by mistake. Another solution to prevent mistakes would be to have a symbol show up next to your cursor when you're hovering/carrying objects that are hidden. That way you'll know when you're entering/leaving a hidden zone.

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    Have you tried creating a hidden zone and calling setInvisibleTo on it? Wonder what would that result with.

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