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Thread: The most useful VR feature i want is a Belt.

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    The most useful VR feature i want is a Belt.

    First let me tell you i cant tell you how much i love VR in this game as a player in a DnD 5e game being eye level being able to accurately tell my dm and follow players that i have line of sight or i don't. being a dungeon master being able to pick up the pieces or use some of the various user generated FX effects as they take place on the board mini tornado flying around is amazing.

    That being said its next to impossible or more hassle then its worth a lot of the time. this is because unlike your standard board games dnd takes more than a d6 and a token. so here is my suggestion a belt!. for an example see hotdogs horeshoes and handgernades. the game allows you to store ammo or guns into various places on his body. being able to store dice or FX effects like some of the fireball cubes or other things on my person would be amazing. you could set it up like that game has which just a lot of them on your body. or i imagine a belt of them across your waist that you can touch or select an arrow to cycle around would be amazing. this would take vr from being painful and annoying at times to being amazing 24/7.
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