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Thread: [Request] Workshop Objects

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    [Request] Workshop Objects

    I would like to request an option for 'Workshop Objects' to be added in the 'Objects' menu next to 'Saved Objects'.

    • These objects may be uploaded / downloaded from the workshop via the 'Upload->Workshop Upload' window with a new game type, 'Custom Object'.
    • These objects could then be subscribed to by players as desired via the Steam Workshop.
    • This would allow player to share custom decks, dice, figures, bags, etc... without the need to have a table. They could then be imported into any game without the need to 1. load a full table, 2. save objects, 3. load another table, and then 4. load the objects.


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    You can click the dots on a workshop table entry and show a list of objects in it, then click any of them to only have it spawn in without loading the whole table

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    Not bad. I didn't know about this feature. It isn't perfect, but it can be a solution. It loads all the files in the workshop table, so that can be slow if there are a lot of files.


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