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Thread: Get TextTool objects in a Scripting Zone

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    Exclamation Get TextTool objects in a Scripting Zone

    It does *not* appear that you can getObjects() in a scripting zone & "get" Text generated programmatically by the TextTool (although it is an object). Onsave() wipes object references (although I realize I could use GUIDs) so I need a way to clear a scoreboard or I get new updates to the scoreboard "overwriting" previous ones (if the game is saved; I can clear it using object references in a no-save scenario). I would have really like to just detect the TextTool objects in the scripting zone & loop through with .destruct(). Any other ideas to reset this board other than saving a 5x9 (45 entries) scoreboard of GUIDs?

    The following only finds the tag for the scoreboard, nothing else:

    for i, obj in ipairs(oScoreSheetZone].getObjects()) do print(obj.tag) end

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    Try a Physics.cast of the size of that zone, I;ve seen that pick up more stuff that zone.getObjects()

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