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Thread: Lag compensation, already implemented? (with videos!)

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    Question Lag compensation, already implemented? (with videos!)

    A form of lag prediction has already been proposed before. However, I accidentally discovered something similar to this is already implemented in Tabletop Simulator! When using the Gizmo tool, things move around instantaneously.

    These GIFs were recorded with a 500ms ping (on the upper limit of reasonableness, but still something you can see across the globe).

    Normal hand tool:

    Gizmo tool:

    Notice with the gizmo tool movement does not lag behind the mouse. Of course, when there's a collision with another object, the reaction is delayed, but this is much better (in my opinion) than having everything delayed.

    Most other games (of varying genres) implement something like this. Given what I see with the Gizmo tool, I'm hopping it is possible to implement this without a lot of trouble.

    Another advantage is that this takes pressure off the netcode (no need to send 60 updates per second just to reduce lag).
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