I would like to see more material inputs and parameters for the deck importer generated material.
Normals and Metallic+Smoothness maps namely + smoothness slider, rendering mode parm optionally as well.

This would allow for the customization we need in making realistic or otherwise visually appealing components, things like foil/holo cards, not horribly broken alpha transparency with rendering modes and embossing on cards using normals.

A slightly more far fetched idea is input for the mesh states [Single card/Card stack] in order to use unconventional shapes while retaining the card object type behavior like stacking.
The alternative to this that I support is making an object type for assetbundles that can stack without the convolution of snap points.

I acknowledge the problems with this script with large variance in game components, but something as simple as setting the rotation + X/Z position vectors when dropped on top of a bundle of the same category would suffice as with snap points we can not prevent other game components snapping without convoluted LUA scripts.