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Thread: Text Just vanished and dont know how to fix it!!

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    Unhappy Text Just vanished and dont know how to fix it!!

    So i'm using the workshop map "A Game of Pagy (Stalker)" and i have been relabelling everything form russian to english for
    a few of my mates to play. Before i go any further note that my issue has occured on other random maps too:

    I placed a text box as normal and began typing inside of it, where suddenly EVERY text box present in the map just went blank.
    The boxes are still there and i can even copy and paste whats in them to a external area like a message or notepad or anything,
    but any attempt to write in tabletop seems to appear invisible. I have tried resetting the game and undo-ing my last moves but
    it didn't work so im a bit stumped :/

    Im running windows 10 if required

    Any help would be appreciated as i really dont want to have to re-write 60+ long text boxes

    Screenshot (1).jpg

    FOR ANYONE EXPERIECING IT, simply whenever you reach a certain amount of characters, it all cuts off entirely:
    Just simply swap to notecards or get the scrollable ones off of the workshop!
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