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Thread: Turns.turn_color - Doesn't do Anything

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    Turns.turn_color - Doesn't do Anything

    log(Turns.turn_color) -> Nothing
    Turns.turn_color = "Green"
    log(Turns.turn_color) -> Nothing

    I'm not sure what "Turns.turn_color" is supposed to do since in testing it does nothing.

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    To throw some more information on this, I tested a few Turns functions. It is my assumption that the Turns system isn't being properly synchronised with connected clients when interacted with using scripts.

    Some examples of testing, but by no means the limit of the bugs here:

    Case 1 example
    If Turns.enable is false then changing Turns.turn_color always results in an empty string
    Enabling Turns will always result in the first seated player being picked as the starting player.
    Turns.turn_color should be able to be set to a valid player colour string, without turns being enabled so that when turns are enabled, the starting player is whatever Turns.turn_color is set to

    Case 2 example
    If Turns.enable is set to true, then the Turns system is activated, but only displays correctly (star and End Turn) for the host until the END TURN has been pressed for the first time
    The star showing current player should show for all players, and the End Turn button should show for whoever is determined to be start player (see Case 1 above)

    Case 3 example
    Setting Turns.type to 2 (custom) and then setting Turns.order shows the new player order on the Host's UI, but not on any connected Client UI
    The custom order is correctly shown on all clients as soon as Turns.order is changed

    I'm sure there's a lot of other specific problems with the Turns system, but these three are the most pressing that I personally would like working.

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