Hi, I've been having the same issue as a lot of people that I have seen around the internet the past two days. I load into TTS and get past the beserkgames logo and the intro screen, but when the game has loaded to the create/join screen I am hit with a "k_eresultfilenotfound 433791696896" error. The thing is, the game still runs after this, and I can see the chat updating, but the moment I click on anything the game stops responding and crashes(if that is not the technical term I apologize as I cannot find any crash dumps)
I have been looking all over to see what could help.
Laptop Specs: Windows 10, HD 630 graphics card built in, GTX 1050Ti card, i7-7700 core, 16Gb RAM
Things I've done to fix this:
-Checked all mods I had, unsubscribed, resubscribed, even deleted them from the local folder path
-Replaced the 2012 redistribution packs with the ones suggested on the steam forums
-Uninstalled the game and reinstalled everything
-Verified my game files multiple times
-Attempted to run using -nosubscriptions, -nothreading, -nosteam, and -novid(but none of these seemed to do anything?)
-Checked every driver on my laptop, I did have a driver update for my GTX1050Ti(through nvidia) but even after it was updated nothing changed
-I do not have Rita Tuner or MSI Afterburner installed
-Made exceptions in built in windows firewall and my Malwarebytes for the local folder and the steam folder, turned off real time protection as well
-Restarted my pc multiple times
-Tried the DX11 beta(encounters same issue)

I managed to get it to work only once yesterday, and was able to open up the create a game menu, and was happy it was finally working so i shut everything off and went to bed, but now today its all happening again and none of the steps yesterday are fixing it so I thought I would post here in case anyone else could help.
Let me know if you need any more infoError.jpg