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Thread: Normal maps and reflections getting screwy?

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    Normal maps and reflections getting screwy?

    Hey guys,

    First, if like to confirm if TTS expects normal maps to be Object space or Tangent space.

    If Tangent space, what is the color that TTS expects as "neutral" ?

    The reason why I ask is because I've been running experiments all day while my internet is down to try to create a baseline normal map for future modification.

    I created to objects, exactly identical with very high reflections, except one had a normal map. No matter what color I made that normal map color, I could not get them to behave similarly. In fact, the reflection on the mirrored surface kept spinning with the object, as though the object had it's own reflection sphere that moved with the object, but only when there was a normal map present.

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    I realized that this got really rambly and not well collected. I will be posting screenshots of what's going on in a bit.

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    Okay, here goes.

    The Dome objects on the left column have no normal map applied - the domes on the right have a texture that is all #8080FF
    that color SHOULD mean that the normals are unaltered, and yet I get that

    I get that result no matter if I export normals in the OBJ file or not

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    Ummm... wut?

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    For future searches, after further experimentation, it's been determined that there was an issue with the colorspace of my normal map. Normal maps MUST be in sRGB Colorspace to function correctly. However, there is still an issue with reflections, it seems: the reflection environment map is getting distorted when a normal map is applied, even if it is a "neutral" normal map.

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