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Thread: Tips in loading and main menu

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    Tips in loading and main menu

    It would be great to have tips that appear in the main menu of the game and during loadings.

    The reason for this is that I still see a toooon of players that act like they are unaware in basic features that would benefit them a lot. Even very simple things like pressing a number to draw that many cards or rotating a die, or using saved camera positions. And I've lost count hoooooww many times I've had to explain the whole left-click-hold-then-right-click thing to add objects to your hand (it's seriously impressive considering how that is a very very essential interaction).

    So the solution would be adding little tips during loading and on the main menu where there is plenty of space. If there's interest, I could list a bunch of stuff that I think should be included as tips.

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    Or maybe players can't access the server browser until they have completed the tutorial? (not applicable for players with 3+ hours of gameplay)

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