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Thread: Add more functionality to RPGFigurine

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    Add more functionality to RPGFigurine

    I feel like RPGFigurines would be more useful to scripting if there was more control. Just a few changes should greatly increase usability.

    RPGFigurine.attack( num )

    The Attack function would be a lot more useful if there was an option to play a specific attack animation, instead of a random one. The Knight figurine in combat mode for example has two slash attacks, one thrust attack, and one shield bash animation that could all be mapped to different actions within a script.

    RPGFigurine.getMode() or RPGFigurine.changeMode( num )

    It's difficult to get much usefulness out of getMode if you don't know what mode the figurine is currently in. You could keep track of whenever you change mode via script, but that's very prone to desync. This is a complete non-issue if there's a way to either detect the current mode or change to a specific mode.


    It'd be nice to be able to run a hit animation through scripts without the need of a second figurine. This would also allow scripts to take advantage of ranged attack animations (eg ranger, mage) and have the target react appropriately.


    Playing any animation seems to revive figurines anyway, but a dead check could still be useful in some situations.

    Edit: More additions

    RPGFigurine.walk( time ) and time )

    Currently walk and run animations only seem to play when a figurine is picked up, these animations would be useful in scripting too. There should be (optional?) time arguments for how long the animation should play, and it should be overridden by any animation played later (like how death animation works).


    Interrupt whatever animation is playing, return to idle animation.
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