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Thread: [URGENT] A person is literally hacking servers.

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    Exclamation [URGENT] A person is literally hacking servers.

    This person joined the server as "HeyImGay6" and during the game they changed their name to "Alexaaaa", They then deleted the table, then deleted every object along with every players GUI, we couldn't do anything to leave the game other than alt f4/click the x.

    Please look into this as soon as possible, you have a flaw in your game that could lead to personal data being exploited.

    This is urgent.

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    This has been reported over two months ago.

    See here and here.

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    The lead Dev / owner of berserk stated on the Discord last night that the next patch will fix this. I don't know why they didn't post here, but they are on it, it seems.

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