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Thread: Alt-Zoomable Toggle on objects

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    Alt-Zoomable Toggle on objects

    At the moment, if you want to prevent players from Alt-Zooming onto objects, they have to be a Board or a Board type Model or Assetbundle. I think that a Zoomable switch under Toggles (probably with a better name than Zoomable) would be useful, plus Object.zoomable boolean property to control it for scripting.
    Use cases are:
    • Objects with hidden information - alt-zooming an object will always show the same face, alt-shift-zooming will show the opposite face, but what if it's a flat token that has different hidden information on both of those faces?
    • Tokens that don't carry information other than themselves - for example, damage tokens that get put in large amounts on cards. Alt-zooming on them will show you the token, but if it's not alt-zoomable you'll see the card instead.

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    This would be pretty useful, yeah

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    I agree, but I'd rather it get taken a step further: I wish there were a way to force what axis to use for alt-zoom for models, and the ability to override any alt-zoom view with a UI structure.

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    Custom Alt-Zoom angle would also be useful, I agree. Perhaps via a mechanism similar to custom Rotation Values? You can specify arbitrary angles for objects in that, and that allows you to dictate any rotation imaginable for an object.

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    It would additionally be incredibly helpful if you there were a way to specify a maximum zoom scale (for source files that cannot be resized losslessly). For instance, I'm playing away at a card game with gorgeous cards, but as soon as I zoom one it gets blown up so big it's hideously pixellated from the upscaling. There's really no reason for this, when the source file is plenty big enough to be legible.

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