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Thread: Remember settings between imports of custom objects

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    Exclamation Remember settings between imports of custom objects

    It would be EXTREMELY useful if TTS remembered the settings between the creation of several custom objects.

    A LOT of times I want to import a bunch of tokens or tiles or decks with the same settings, but the options for each reset EVERY time! It would save us a TON of time if the last settings that were used to import an object stayed the same. That way, if I imported a token that's 10 thickness and 20 on that 10-25 scale for the shape and stackable, the next time I clicked the "custom token" button in the components menu, those same numbers would already be there, and I wouldn't have to click them!

    I really can't stress enough HOW MUCH TIME this would save mod makers, especially considering how easy this should be to implement. They can even be reset to the default each time we restart the game if need be. But because I (and I think most mod makers) upload and make usually every custom object of a certain type at once (for example all the red team tokens first, then all the blue team tokens, etc), not having to reset the thickness, precision, stackable (or other options for the other custom objects) every time would cut my clicks in half, or by 3 or by 4! This is very significant!

    It's even such an important thing that someone had to create a mass token importer tool (which does do a tiny bit more than what I'm suggesting, but still)!

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    I think an improvement upon this would be a change in behavior for import windows - after a piece is done importing, the same window with the same settings opens up again in its position, with the very same settings so deployment of large amounts of assets is even faster. In that case it'd also be wise to dock/anchor the Import window somewhere instead of the centre of screen so it doesn't end up hiding the newly spawned piece behind the window. Kind of like the Components windows is big and nice and stuck to the right hand side of the screen.

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    That's a good point! It would save you from having to click the "custom token" button 50 times if you have 50 tokens to import, for example. And that's not an insignificant time save!

    As for the import window in the middle, that's true but in general, a lot of windows in TTS need better default placement imo. This should be a general pass. At least, right now, it does remember where you placed them when opening a new one. It would be nice if that window position was saved in an .ini file so it would remember next time we open TTS (which should be pretty easy to do)

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