It would be very useful to have a toggle that allows the gizmo tool to select objects through zones.

Currently, there are a lot of times where you are trying to move objects that are inside a zone (either hidden, scripting, hand, or randomize) but when you try to select the object with the gizmo tools it selects the zone instead of selecting the object! And clicking again doesn't then go through the zone to select the object. Right now, the only way to select an object inside a zone is to move your camera INSIDE of the zone and then click the object, if no part of said object is poking out of the zone.

My suggestion is to add a toggle for the gizmo tools that ignores zones. I imagine that toggle on the Transform window that appears when you have something selected with the gizmo tools. If selected, your clicks would simply go through zones and let you select objects (and the zones themselves could disappear like they do with the Grab tool).

This seems like it would be decently simple to implement and could really make life easier for mod-makers.