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Thread: Basics?

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    Heya guys,

    I'm looking to make my own game within TTS, I want to create a Sci-Fi environment with interactive elements in scenery & tokens + cards etc.

    The setting would be like Shadow Run, Infinity, which I believe is already made, but this will be more like an RPG and more Blade Runner depressing, than Utopian.

    I'm a capable mo-designer in Adobe & Cine4D (As it's my job! Haha) but not really a programmer.

    How do I get started in all this mess? I can whip up fully animated buildings 10 stories high in an hour, but don't have the foggiest about how to actually get them into TTS and how to keep them there etc.

    All the Tuts I've seen also seem to be of the old interface which doesn't help.

    Any advice on where to begin would be awesome, I have had a look at the programming section but it's information overload right now.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Is no one on this forum?

    Feel like this whole thing has died a death...

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    me too)

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