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Thread: Some thoughts after 2 months of playing...

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    Some thoughts after 2 months of playing...

    Over Xmas I bought 5 copies for me and my gaming group during the sale. I must say, I am very impressed with the improvements made since I first looked at this program.

    I have had a few months to go over things, even create about 5 mods (2 of which have been uploaded), and I have had a few repeat requests from different people.

    1) Separate the player colors from their locations around the table. This can be confusing when the red player on the board is really the white player, etc. The simple answer of course, is move the white player. However, I am usually the white player because I am hosting. We frequently save games and come back to them. Since the white player is always the host's default... I would see everything hidden in the current white players hidden area. Again... obious answer is "Try to avoid looking" but it is hard to miss that "YOU ARE A CYLON" card in Battlestar Galactica.

    2) Have the "Card Hands" only present for areas with an ACTUALLY live Player, or ability to turn them off individually. These use up a LOT of real estate around the edge and we are constantly having to grab stuff back because some card meant to be face up... got shoved by mistake into a players hand.

    3) I would really like to see some other types of containers that work the same as bags. Boxes, chests, etc. Having someo of these games with 15 bags is getting kind of dull. Esp in sci-fi games.

    Thanks. Keep up the great work

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    Hey BrashFink - thanks for the kind words!

    Feel free to add your suggestions to our suggestions forum. One suggestion per thread please.


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