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Thread: Cards flickering when dropped

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    Unhappy Cards flickering when dropped

    Sometimes, when cards are dropped onto the table after picking them up, they flicker for a short moment.
    Actually, this flickering seems to be the 'bouncing' animation of the card causing it to fall through the table's surface for a split second.

    It happens to me quite often and seems to be more frequent when the grid is turned on or cards are apposed so that they partly overlap each other (the non-overlapping side of the dropped card is tilted downward while bouncing and thus seems to be more prone to the clipping issue).

    I love the otherwise astounding physics of TTS but this is quickly turns into an eyesore on longer card game sessions.

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    This seems to be even more apparent if card objects are scaled up.
    I've made a video screen capture for better illustration:

    For reference: grid enabled (size: 2x2 default), card spawned from the included sets, scaled up two times (by pressing the [+] two times while hovering the card object)

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    With the recent update v5.1 this has improved dramatically!

    From analyzing various test cases I would argue that the times it occurs has been reduced by about 80%.

    The only times it may still happen seems to be one of 2 cases:
    1. Adding momentum by throwing a card instead of just dropping it
    2. Dropping a card onto another so that the partly overlap and the top card tilts towards the ground

    Nevertheless, this has vastly improved. Thanks for the update!

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    Thanks for letting us know! It's still something we're trying to improve, so glad we're on the right track.

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