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Thread: Hidden Areas Suggestions

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    I have an idea which could do all the aboe and more: Dynamic lighting - something like this:
    I would like to have the ability to create a "fog of war" (similar to the current hiden area) which would prevent players to see the enemys in it (i mean the 3d modells) , and set a cone for each peace on the board which would represent the characters line of sight, and the fog (the hidden area) would revail itself automatickly) in this come.

    RollD20 has this feature as its main attraction, if you manage to do this im shure they will switch to TTS since u are 3d

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    The means to adjust the transparency of your hidden zone to the other players, so they can be allowed to see Custom Objects set to "Board" within it clearly while everything else is hidden - at present only the player who owns the zone can see clearly inside and everyone else gets an impenetrable pea-soup.

    This kind of makes the "Board" setting for Custom Objects a little pointless, to some extent.

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    I'd really like to see an erase mode for Hidden Areas. Something that would let you gradually reveal areas of the board. This would be great for RPGs where you want to slowly reveal the map over time. Currently, you can only place blocks to hide things, I'd like to place blocks to reveal things instead.

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    +1 for this idea

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    A simple way to make hidden zones much easier to work with: The ability to start a hidden zone inside another hidden zone.

    In RPG maps (though this certainly applies to other applications) it's common to have a hidden zone represent a room and hidden zones need to be adjacent to each other and preferably overlap slightly. You can already overlap hidden zones, but often when trying to finely tune zone placement (for example, trying to squeeze zones into small area or work around a curve) results in deleting a zone you had previously set up because clicking too close to an established zone erases it.

    A simple solution would be to separate the action that creates a new zone from the action that erases a zone, for example, double clicking or pressing delete/backspace to erase zones.

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    Another problem that makes zones difficult to work with and how it could simply be fixed.

    Currently, when you attempt to place a zone the starting point lifts over models in a similar way that pieces do. This can make it difficult to get uniform height on hidden zones and can sometimes make them unusable. Imagine again an trying to hide rooms in an RPG dungeon where you want the hidden zone to overlap with the the wall. Whenever you try to place the zone the cursor lifts above the wall and you end up with a zone suspend over the room instead of in it.

    The solution would be either the ability to move the zones after the fact (similar to the gizmo tool) or make a way to adjust and lock the default height of the zone cursor.

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