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Thread: Better Drawing Tools, and forget the Nonsense

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    Better Drawing Tools, and forget the Nonsense

    While making maps with tokens, blocks, whatever is all very pretty, it is extremely time consuming. For GMs who have jobs and limited time for gaming, taking a long time to make maps is not something we want to do. We want to be able to use this application (calling it a 'game' is a rather serious misnomer) as if we were with our friends (who live in other cities, or can't leave their kids alone for hours at a time so they can play a game) in person in front of a table.

    Its a virtual table, seems to me that is what most players want.

    The ability to flip the table, to throw things around, or (gods help me) have fireworks or other such nonsense is just that; nonsense. Its cute little stuff that gets old after the first time you use it. Its flash, and bells and whistles, and utterly useless. Video game designers get caught up in the same thing, they worry about the looks of the game more than whether anyone actually wants to PLAY it.

    So in this case, don't get lost worrying about pointless bells and whistles. Worry about making this a good virtual table that will allow us to play any game we can put into it. You already have the flip table and stuff, fine, no need to take it out. But don't bother adding anything else that is all flash and no substance, its a waste of your time, and doesn't add anything that gamers actually want in a virtual table.

    And one of the most useful things you can do is to give it a large map area, and better drawing tools to use on it. Allow the host to change to a dozen different colours for the pen instead of them only being tied to the player colour. Have a drawing tool that can make nice circles, straight lines, fill in an area with a colour, and stuff like that. I'm not saying create a full function drawing program, but add in better drawing tools for the people who want to be able to just draw a map out on the table - and if it could be big enough that we could map an entire area out so we can explore it instead of only being able to map out a couple encounters.

    And for people who want to use the fancier pieces to make pretty and detailed maps, that's fine, you have that functionality, there are maybe times I want to do that too. They could probably find a use for better drawing tools as well.

    That's my primary suggestions. Thank you for reading.

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    Tools to let us spend lots of time making something super detailed: Not that important.
    Tools to let us spend a small amount of time making something functional: Very important.

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    +1! Good point!

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    Well said.

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