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Thread: Add "Recently Played With" Support

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    Lightbulb Add "Recently Played With" Support

    It would be cool if the game would support the function, wich shows you the last players you played with in Steam>Friends>Recently Played With

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    If you go to Steam->View->Players->Recent Games, it will show you who you recently played with in Tabletop Simulator.

    I don't even see that other option you are referring to.

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    For me it looks like this:

    Players tab while ingame (CS:GO):

    Players tab while ingame (Tabletop Simulator):

    Recently Played With:

    The list should look:

    Tabletop Simulator (missing)
    Garry's Mod (here as "unknown game")

    For me it looks like this funktion isn't working :/

    P.S.: In preview pictures are very small, don't know why.

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    Isn't that display only for friends currently in the game or friends recently played with? Or is that what's not working, your friends aren't showing up in that list?

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    This is in friend section, but displays all users you played with. For e.g. after playing csgo matchmaking, another list will be created (each match has its own) so you can add them as friend, report or just have a look at their profile. "Players" only lists players you are playing with, right at this moment.

    It's like: Join server> create Players list>left server>list is saved to "recently played with">list gets deleted.

    Btw. I think its really cool developersare directly interactin with users, also you reply very fast

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    Actually you can already do this - Steam does it automatically. If you press Shift-Tab or whatever you have your keys set to to get the In-Game Overlay, you can see the people you've recently played with.

    Open the Overlay, and click "View Players"

    then click the Recent Games tab.


    and you'll see all the players you've played with recently and in what game.

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    Mmh there it works, but only ingame. Would be cool to have it in steamclient/webbrowser too, just for completion. It isn't that important but for the future it would be nice

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