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Thread: Western influence in Berserk

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    Western influence in Berserk

    So coincidentally today i came across a youtube video describing the characters from the movie hellraiser. Ive never watched this particular movie but have heard about it many times before. As the video progressed i realized what a huge influence hellraiser had on miura when developing Berserk. Im sure this isn't news too most strugglers out there but the comparison between the cenobites too the godhand and the box that summons them too the behelits are uncanny. The comparison stretches too more than just the idea of evil and the purpose each group plays in their respective stories, the character designs are also very simillar aswell. So my question too all you good people is, what other western media had influence on miura and resembles berserk as hellraiser does? Im aware of Terminator playing a role in the character design of guts, but other than that im pretty clueless. I did end up watching the entirety of the first Hellraiser movie and would suggest anyone who has not seen it yet too check it out. FetLife iTunes
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