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Thread: How do i get a reference from the button i pressed?

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    How do i get a reference from the button i pressed?

    Hello everyone,

    Say i have an object with LOTS of .createbutton() on it.

    Do i have to make a single function for each button even though their resolution is similar? Couldn't we get a "function_parameters" on it to pass info so the function would know what to do?

    Yeah i know the click_function automatically runs the function with "Object" and "Player Who Clicked" as both parameters, but the object one only returns userdata from the actual object i have the button on, not the button itself, this doesn't seem to help my case.

    If anyone have managed to workaround this, please share with me your secrets of trade.UC browser SHAREit Appvn

    Thank you!
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    As far as I know the .createbutton() does not support. However, if you use the UI API (i.e. the xml UI tab) to create your buttons then you can do this.

    When you call a function from the UI, the third parameter is the id of the UI element. You can then use UI.getAttribute(id,"attribName") to read any attribute of the UI element (i.e. button) that was triggered. By setting a unique property for each of the buttons, a single common callback function can handle all of the button presses. I do this for my die rolling macros.

    Consider the following UI elements:

    <Button class="Die" onClick="RollDie" sides="4" text="D4" />
    <Button class="Die" onClick="RollDie" sides="6" text="D6" />
    <Button class="Die" onClick="RollDie" sides="8" text="D8" />
    <Button class="Die" onClick="RollDie" sides="10" text="D10" />
    <Button class="Die" onClick="RollDie" sides="12" text="D12" />
    <Button class="Die" onClick="RollDie" sides="20" text="D20" />
    All of the above buttons use the same function (RollDie) but by providing either the sides property or the text property, the RollDie function can do either UI.getAttribute(id,"sides") or UI.getAttributes(id,"text") to distinguish between which button was clicked.

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