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Thread: setPositionSmooth does not pull from cards in hand?

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    setPositionSmooth does not pull from cards in hand?

    Is this intended? How to get the card from hand with setPositionSmooth if it is intended?

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    Can you post some example code ?

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    I've seen people having this issue, afaik you basically have to setPosition it out of the hand and then setPositionSmooth from there.

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    There is not much to example. If you have card in hand and call setPositionSmooth on the card, it wont pull the card out of the player hand

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    is there anyway to know a location that is relative to a player? or do I have to manually set spots on the table?

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    This is a known thing for ages.. hand zones will also "catch cards" id the smooth movement goes through them. I have no idea of that is something that are intending to look at.. my bet is that there are a billion more important things on the todo list for them

    The solution I used was to do a small test. Basically on a card fetch it would test to see if the card was in a given hand zone. Then it would move the card using setposition so it is completely outside the zone.. as in just outside. THEN it would smooth move. The user just sees it smooth move unless they are really looking.. but in reality it is moving with setposition to just outside the hand zone, and then smooth moving.
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