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Thread: LUTs for colorblindness

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    Exclamation LUTs for colorblindness

    It would be great to have LUTs for colorblindness.

    They would be LUTs that correspond to the 4 major types of blindness: the 2 red-green ones, the yellow one, and the full black-and-white one (I know that there are 4 BW LUTs, but those don't necessarily look the same as what a colorblind person sees). These should be named "Colorblind (Deuteranopia)", as an example.

    It would allow mod-makers to check their mods for colorblind problems, which would be great. I'm asking for this because I was asked to change certain colors by a user of my mods. I have found these files that you might just be able to use to implement these LUT changes

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    Also, it would be nice to have these LUTs numbered as -3, -2, -1, and 0. The reason for that is that there are currently 115 LUTs, so adding them to the end would make them LUTs #116-119. If other LUTs were added after those, then getting to the colorblindness LUTs would be kind of a pain (especially if you don't know the number, as most wouldn't) and having easy access to them is kind of important.

    Alternatively, they could be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and everything else gets moved off by 4. Since there currently no scripting access to the LUTs, changing the numbers should probably be fine (especially if you simply move the current #1-4 to be #116-119, leaving all the other ones as they are)

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