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Thread: Game launches with options despite non specified, disables voicechat

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    Game launches with options despite non specified, disables voicechat

    When launched from steam, main menu informs correctly that 'voice chat disabled by -novoicechat launch option'.
    The launch options are empty in steam properties.
    I can launch the game executable from command line and there's no problem there.

    Linux 5.1.3
    I have never messed with this game's launch options.
    Steam says they game is up to date.
    I validated the cache, 1 file was missing and reaquired but the problem persists.

    Where might this option be coming from?

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    I checked localconfig.vdf and steam isn't storing any unwanted launch options in there.
    Adding more launch options like nointro does work, but doesn't undo the novoicechat option.
    -log doesn't show anything about voice chat.

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    Another update
    It seems to be some kind of defensive decision by the game to disable voice chat. I can join games, but the entire game freezes & must be killed after just a few seconds--I suspect it happens when voice chat is received. With voice chat disabled, I can stick around in the same server.
    Its last words in console are

    ( Level controller activated: 1
    ( Highpass filter activated: 1
    Stack overflow in unmanaged: IP: 0x7f8fcf2e7e6f, fault addr: 0x7f8fcfe3dd18
    Stack overflow in unmanaged: IP: 0x7f8fcf30577d, fault addr: 0x7f8fcfe3ca28
    Stack overflow in unmanaged: IP: 0x7f8fcf399ed5, fault addr: 0x7f8fcfe3cd68
    ( [agc] Initial GetMicVolume()=0
    ( [agc] Initial volume too low, raising to 12

    then it hard freezes.
    This is happening on linux but not on windows.

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    Indeed the developers disabled voicechat due to it triggering a crash issue.

    So essentially Tabletop Simulator is currently not working on linux.

    Guess I'll take a few months off to see if they've fixed it.

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